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Alternator damage seen in the function of the battery (batteries) to provide electricalenergy. Damage to the alternator is usually not directly visible. But the result would likelybe seen on the function of the battery (batteries) to provide electrical energy for the car electrical system. Since the function of the alternator to generate electrical energy fromthe engine rev. The following analysis of possible damage that could occur on thealternator.

1.Baterai (battery) but the machine can not fill distarter

� alternator belt loose or worn. Belts must be tensioned or even be replaced.
� chipped or broken alternator cable. Check the cable routes and cable insulation thatpeeled off. If damaged replace the new cable.
� Alternator damaged that it was time to be replaced.
� faulty voltage regulator

2. Alternator noise

� loose or worn alternator belt so it needs to be tightened or even replaced.
� alternator pulley flange bent so that should replace the new pulley.
� worn alternator bearings or other parts of the alternator is broken and should bereplaced
� Stand alternator bolts loose so the stand should be tightened.

3. Often broken lamps or fuse.

� System wiring for damage. Check the connection cables if there is peeling be closed orreplaced.
� Alternator defective and should be replaced
� Check the batteries (battery), if damaged must be replaced.

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