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The suspension system  is located between the vehicle body and wheels, and are designed to absorb (reduce) the shock of the road surface so that adds comfort andvehicle stability and traction capabilities mamperbaiki wheels against the road.

Suspension consisting of springs, shock absorbers, stabilizer, and so forth. In general,suspensions can be classified into rigid type suspension (rigid axle suspension) and thetype of free (Independent spring

The spring serves to absorb shock and vibration from the road wheels from being forwarded directly to the vehicle body. Besides, to increase the ability of the tire grip tothe road surface, there are three types of spring are:

A. coil springs 

Coil spring (coil spring) is made of a special rod and spiral-shaped
2. leaf spring

Leaf spring (leaf spring) is made of steel blades are bent and flexible.

3. torsion bar springs
Torsion bar springs (torsion bar spring) is made of an elastic steel rod against torsion.

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