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Glenn Steven Mangham Sentenced 8 Months Imprisonment For Hacking Into Facebook Server

Glenn Steven Mangham Sentenced 8 Months Imprisonment For Hacking Into Facebook Server
A 26 year aged British student named Glenn Steven Mangham sentenced to eight months of prison for hacking to Facebook server. The attack cost the company $200,000, and resulted in an investigation by the FBI and British law enforcement. Judge Alistair McCreath said his actions had �real consequences and very serious potential consequences� which could have been �utterly disastrous� for Facebook. �He acted with determination, undoubted ingenuity and it was sophisticated, it was calculating,� prosecutor Sandip Patel told a London court. He also said Mangham stole �invaluable� intellectual property and that the attack �represents the most extensive and grave incident of social media hacking to be brought before the British courts.�
Facebook runs a Puzzle server to allow computer programmers to test their skills and Mangham broke int that server, attempted to hack into a Facebook mailman server run that manages email distribution lists, as well as trying to gain access to the Facebook phabricator server, which offers tools for third-party app developers. Earlier in June 2011 he was arrested by the Metropolitan Police's Central e-Crime Unit for breaching the social network�s security systems between April 27 and May 9. After spending 2months he was released on bail. Four conditions were attached to his bail, including that he live and sleep at his home address, not access the Internet, and not have any devices in the house that can access the Web.

VOGH Review:-
The twist of irony here is that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg�s inspiration for creating the site came from his hacking into Harvard�s internal servers. If Zuckerberg can get sympathy then why not Steven Mangham ??No user data have been compromised while this attack and nor the system get infiltrated. So our question is where is the justice? While creating facebook Zuckerberg can breach the Harvard�s internal servers and stole sensitive user data but if another guy did something little wrong to whom who is already did guilty is facing law and order and 8 months of imprisonment. What a justice???!!!!!  

by: VOGH Reporter

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